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Carol Howe Fund Information

Carol Howe, CNM, DNSc, FACNM, DPNAP, FAAN has provided over 35 years of service to Oregon families and the midwifery community. She retired as the Director of Oregon Health and Science University's Midwifery program in June 2015.

This fund is established to honor Carol and carry on her work by providing scholarships and other support to Oregon-based Nurse-Midwifery students and Oregon midwives early in their careers. The focus is on developing both excellence as a practicing midwife and on developing leadership skills for midwives new to the profession. The Oregon ACNM Foundation (the non-profit 501(c)(3) branch of the Oregon Affiliate) through its generous sponsors and supporters, endows this fund.

Currently, the Oregon ACNM Foundation distributes awards from the Carol Howe Fund to midwifery students who are members of the Affiliate and attend an American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) program on Advanced Life Saving Skills in Obstetrics (ALSO).


To be considered for sponsorship to attend ALSO or other midwifery leadership training, applicants must:

  1. Submit completed application form
  2. Verify membership in the Oregon Affiliate
  3. Submit a current curriculum vitae


Particular preference will be given to:

  1. Student Midwives or Midwives who are currently in the first 5 years of their practice
  2. Midwives/student midwives who have been active in the Oregon Affiliate (committee membership, hosted a meeting, held an office, significant project support, etc.)
  3. Midwives/student midwives who are engaged in leadership activities either in the Affiliate, in their midwifery service or in the community
  4. Midwives/student midwives who can articulate how attendance at Midwifery Works will help them gain and implement leadership skills.


Applications will be reviewed by the Oregon ACNM Foundation Board members and will be evaluated on the above criteria.

Completed applications should be sent to: Electronic submissions preferred.

You may download a PDF version of this form here.

MARC'S Fund Application Form

Application Policies 

In accepting an award, the applicant assumes an obligation to expend grant funds for the purposes set forth in the application and consistent with the project budget. The grantee is further obligated to administer the award according to the policies governing the Small Grants Program of the Oregon ACNM Affiliate.  Duration of grants is 1 year and may be renewed for up to a total of two years at discretion of the SG committee/Affiliate Board. 



An applicant has responsibility for the conduct of the proposed project, supervises such associates or assistants as required, and is responsible for the financial reporting of the grant.  


Continuation of support can be obtained only upon submission of a new and complete application. The Oregon ACNM Affiliate will consider continuing support of a project within the regular procedures of application review. 


By the Applicant: A grant may be terminated at any time upon written notification to the Oregon ACNM Affiliate. If terminated before completion a final Expenditures Report must be submitted with a payment for any unspent balance as soon as as possible. 

By the Oregon ACNM Affiliate: A grant may be terminated by the Oregon ACNM Affiliate at any time within the project period because of noncompliance by the grantee with the terms of the grant. Upon notification by the Oregon ACNM Affiliate of termination, a final Expenditures Report must be submitted with a payment for any unspent balance, as well as a progress report of the work accomplished to date. 


For projects of six months duration or less, the applicant is required to submit a brief progress report of work accomplished upon completion of the proposed project. For projects of more than six months duration, the applicant is required to submit a brief progress report of work accomplished every six months, with a final report due at the completion of the project. A request for the final report will be sent to the applicant. 


Funds may be rebudgeted, however any rebudgeting action in excess of 15% of a particular line item shall require prior written approval from the Oregon ACNM Affiliate. Expenditures and obligations, however, must be limited to the amount awarded for each fiscal period. 



No projects involving human and/or animal experimentation will be considered.


The Oregon ACNM Affiliate will not assume any responsibility for malpractice suits arising from projects performed by the applicant. 

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